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Frequently asked questions



How is the tableware delivered?

The selected tableware set is delivered free of charge by mail in about 5–7 days.

What is the tableware service?

The tableware service gives you Arabia tableware sets to be used with a fixed monthly fee for 12–24 months.

What does the service cost?

The service has tableware sets of different prices. A fixed monthly fee for the use of the tableware is paid according to the number of dishes. Fees vary between the tableware sets.

Can the tableware service be ordered overseas?

No. The service is available in Finland only.

How much does a tableware set for two people cost, for example?

The tableware sets are priced according to the number of people and the tableware series; the Mainio Sarastus tableware set, for example, costs EUR 5,90/month. After twelve months, the redemption price for the set is EUR 25.

What type of tableware can be selected?

There are several Arabia tableware series to choose from.

What sizes are the sets?

The size of tableware sets varies from a set for two people to a tableware set for 12 people.

Can the service be used, say, just during a summer vacation or for a party?

No, the contract period for the service is minimum twelve months.

How long can the service be used?

12–24 months.

Can the fee change during the contract period?

The monthly fee remains unchanged the entire contract period.

How much tableware can you order? Is there a minimum or maximum quantity for an order?

The tableware sets in the service are built according to the number of persons, such as sets for two, four or six people. The smallest available tableware set is for two people and the largest for 12 people. If you need a tableware set for 14 people, you can order sets for 12 and 2 people from the service, making the total 14 pieces/dish.

How to decide on which tableware to select?

There are several Arabia tableware series options on offer. If it is difficult to make the decision, the staff in our stores will help you in selecting the suitable tableware and quantity.

Where to order?

You can select and order the tableware conveniently online.

What dishes do the tableware sets include?

A tableware set typically includes a mug, bowl, bread plate and dinner plate.


Can the contract be terminated during the contract period?

The contract is always concluded for a minimum period of 12 months, after which the order can be terminated or extended until further notice, up to a maximum of 24 months.

What if a piece of tableware is broken during the service?

The tableware service also includes a breakage guarantee: a piece of tableware broken in use can be replaced with a new one by bringing it to an Arabia or Iittala store. We verify the identity of the orderer of the tableware service at the time of replacement, so they need to have their identity card with them.

Can the tableware order be increased or reduced during the contract period?

More dishes cannot be added to a current contract period, but you can order a new tableware set. The new 12-month contract will be valid from the order date. Part of the tableware set cannot be returned during the contract period.

Can the tableware set be changed during the contract period?


Can the tableware be redeemed during the contract period?

The tableware cannot be redeemed or returned during the contract period. After 12 months, the tableware can be redeemed or returned to a store.


What happens at the end of the contract period?

The contract period is a minimum of 12 months, after which you can redeem the tableware or return it to a store. If you do not redeem or return the tableware, the contract will continue to be in force until further notice. The same set of tableware can be kept under monthly invoicing for a maximum of 24 months.

What happens to the returned tableware?

The returned tableware will be sold in the Vintage service, and dishes in poor condition will be recycled. The dishes are crushed into fine ceramic powder, which is used in brick production.

Do the returned dishes need to be in mint condition?

The tableware must be in a condition corresponding to normal use. If the returned dishes have marks other than signs of daily use (for example, deep scratches or dirt), or if pieces are missing, a redemption price must be paid for the tableware.

What happens if the tableware is not returned after 24 months?

The tableware is considered as redeemed, and the redemption price will be invoiced.

What if you forget to return or redeem the tableware? Will the monthly charge continue automatically?

Yes. The monthly charge will continue for a maximum of 24 months.

At what price can the tableware be redeemed?

The redemption value varies according to the number of dishes and the tableware series. For example, the redemption price of the Mainio Sarastus tableware for two people is EUR 25.

At the end of the contract period, how can the tableware be redeemed?

By contacting astiapalvelu customer service The Customer Service will register that the contract has ended at the end of the current month's invoicing period and send you a final invoice for the redemption of the tableware.

Where can the nearest store be found?

Contact details for Iittala Stores and Outlets can be found here.

At the end of the contract period, how is the tableware returned to a store?

By bringing the tableware to an Arabia or Iittala store. The store personnel will check the returned tableware and the identity of the contract party, and terminate the contract at the end of the current month's invoicing period.

Can the tableware be kept for 15 months, for example?

Yes. The tableware can be kept from 12 to 24 months. You can terminate the contract either by redeeming or returning the tableware according to your own schedule.

Do you have questions that weren't answered here?

Astiapalvelu customer service is happy to help with questions regarding the use of the service.